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"The world is full of moments..."

Traveling the world, getting to know people and cultures, taking pictures, discovering and identifying animals. My passions, compressed into a few pages. In times of uncertainty and doubt, of commercial and fast life, I would like to show that there is also another side. Discovering this side of our planet gives me strength and confidence, not the headlines about war and terror. With this site I want to celebrate the beauty of our planet, please join me on the travel with the pictures containing cultures, landscapes, animals and plants. I’m personally very happy to live and would like to share my joy with this site! Especially at the heart, even if not all of my pictures in this section are brilliant , is the section of animals. I’m always amazed when I see what fascinating shapes and colors nature has created, how the animals have adapted themselves to their environment. A bit of humility towards nature would be a good thing for many of us, first and foremost to the people who are indulging extensively in shopping and wasting. The joy on acquired goods lasts usually just briefly...!
"Beauty is hidden at many places, but we have to take time to discover it."


The Danube, the longest river in Europe. The trip starts at the source in Germany in Furtwangen (where the Danube is still called Breg), then through Austria, Hungary, Serbia and Romania to the delta. After about 3,500 km and a few days on the delta, we travelled back to Switzerland via Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria and Liechtenstein. A total of over 7,500 very diverse kilometres in about three weeks.
Madagascar, an island that could be a continent as well. The flora and fauna are unique and has developed thanks to the long isolation of the island from the African mainland. Madagascar is known primarily by the lemurs and the chameleons. However, the flora is also unique and worth to explore. The country is also unique when compared to its neighbors in southern Africa. Rice is grown on terraces, people look like they have some Asian blood. Unfortunately, this paradise is in acute danger.
Botswana - nature paradise, endless Buschland, the UNESCO World Heritage Site Okavango Delta ... incredible wildlife and worth a visit at any time of the year. These pictures are from trips December 2013 and May 2014.
The Indonesian archipelago with the thousands of small islands. On the journey I visited besides Java, the main island, Rinca, Komodo and Flores. I especially liked the latter three, since nature is there more present than on Java. Java is already very densely populated, but, especially in the East, there are still impressive spots and the view of the volcanic landscape is impressive.
On my longer trip to Asia in 2014, I was for the first time in the Philippines, more specifically on the islands of Luzon and Borocay. Starting from Manila, I undertook a trekking in Banaue in the Philippine Cordilleras to see the famous Rice Terraces. These are UNESCO World Heritage sites and should be in use already over 2000 years. Afterwards we went on to Sagada with the hanging coffins as interesting ritual of burial.
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